Software & Drivers - Overview

EL-OR Systems has an excellent understanding of both software and hardware, and this includes the interface between the two: the device drivers. We understand all aspects of hardware: functionality, interfaces and control for maximum performance and reliability. Equally, we have a real appreciation for the software side and are able to produce application programming interfaces (APIs) that are robust, easy to understand, easy to use, and well-documented for the application programmer.

Simplicity Is Beauty

EL-OR User Interfaces areĀ simple, easy to use and communicating clearly.

It's All About Drivers

EL-OR has in-depth understanding of the hardware and software relationship for its given platforms.

We Speak The Machines' Language

EL-OR software engineers speak computer language and design high level AND low level interfaces.

Programming Languages 

At EL-OR Systems we don't design what is easiest for us, we design what is right for you. We regularly use the C# & JAVA programming languages for the implementation of friendly yet simple UI to work with our products.  Our softwares work with Windows 2012 Server edition which gives the best functionality to our needs.

User Interface Design

We have a good understanding of human factors and are able to design modern user interfaces that are natural to use, are consistent in their operation, have optimal user workflows, and operate efficiently with immediate user feedback

EL-OR Systems works closely with the client during the user interface design phase to ensure that the client's requirements are fully understood before implementation is started. We go hand in hand with the customer to agree on the general "look and feel" and to decide on all the major user workflows before the actual implementation is started.

In our flagship product, the DSR, the embedded software will cover all your needs and support full record of up to  up to 10GbE recording capablity. The user can record the signal, analyze it and for the first time, reconstruct it back to the original!

Developing a device driver requires programming skills and knowledge of the target device according to the product at hand. In EL-OR Systems, we write a clean, stable and functional driver for our product.

Using special memory management techniques by the SW Driver (like pre allocating huge contiguous memory buffers at system boot) makes our products much faster and stable.

Our SW engineers are highly professionals and dedicated to give you a fully stable and rich user interface to work with. At EL-OR Systems we don't design what is easiest for us, we design what is right for you.