The DSR400 Product Family

EL-OR Systems has a long and rich history in high speed data aquisition and playback systems. We specialize in bringing the customer the best up-to-date hardware and software recording solutions, while minimizing the risks of dealing with unreliable products.

The Digital Signal Recorder 400 family is our forth generation flagship product family. It is a unique set of various products, each is designed for different needs, each is unique on its own.

All are high-end unified recording and playback products for multi-channel wideband signals, based on high-performance FPGA digitizing board designed by our finest engineers.

The DSR can be mounted inside a ready made chassis or a desktop computer, even inside helicopters used for intelligence  needs (approved by various MIL-STD's).

DSR400 Highlights

    High speed recording and playback data rates are achieved by incorporating mix of hardware, Software and Firmware (FPGA) techniques, such as:

  • Use of a high-performance Server (Intel i7 Processor, 16GB DDR-III memory).
  • Use of a high-performance RAID-Controller with embedded DDR memory.
  • Use of a well proven and high-performance SSD disks.
  • Using special memory management techniques by the SW Driver.

DSR Product Line

DSR400 Prime

DSR400 Prime

Main Product

This is our main product. It’s a high-end rack mount unified recording and playback machine for multi-channel wide band signals. It is based on a scalable number of high-performance FPGA digitizing boards in one Enclosure!

DSR400 Portable

DSR400 Portable

The successor of the DSR400 Prime!

The portable unit is similar to the DSR400 Prime plus the advantages of being portable and compact in size! Take it anywhere you want!

DSR400 10GbE

DSR400 10GbE

Our Latest Debut!

The DSR400 10GbE is our latest high end wideband recorder. It is capable of transmitting data in Ethernet 10GbE interface, up to 4 channels!